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by BJ Maggard,
Harrison County District Technology Coordinator.
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Revised: 06/07/2017
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Learning + Enthusiasm + Collaboration = RESULTS!

A goal of  the Harrison County School District is to become an effective Professional Learning Community. Administrators and teachers were introduced to this concept by attending a conference in Bloomington, Indiana, conducted by Rebecca Dufour. They then read Getting Started: Reculturing Schools to Become Professional Learning Communities by Robert Eaker, Richard DuFour and Rebecca DuFour and attended "Building a Cathedral: Laying the Foundation of a Professional Learning Community" conducted by Dr. Eric Twadell. All of these learning opportunities have given Harrison County administrators and teachers a good foundation to the beginnings of creating a Professional Learning Community. Administrators and teachers will continue to receive training and information and to participate in various Professional Learning Community challenges as our district grows into a community.

What is a Professional Learning Community?

A Professional Learning Community exists when a group of people commit themselves to continual learning and to support others in continual learning. A learning community stimulates ongoing, collective inquiry into teaching and learning. It involves everyone in highly visible learning experiences. Participants learn from each other, with each other and for each other. They share the knowledge that is gained, the excitement and challenges that come with learning difficult materials and the benefits their learning produces.

A strong learning community provides teachers and administrators with the kinds of learning experiences they want to provide for their students. It models lifelong learning and the production of useful knowledge, providing a sense of efficiency and self-confidence for the teachers and administrators as they face increasing challenges. A learning community improves professional lives and produces higher student achievement. A learning community promotes change and makes it an accepted part of life in the schools.

Who is responsible for student learning in a Learning Community school?


Characteristics of Learning Community

Shared mission, vision, values, goals
Collaborative teams
Collective inquiry into “best practice” and our “current reality"
Action orientation/experimentation
Commitment to continuous improvement
Results orientation

4 Pillars of a PLC

1. Mission

Why does our school Exist?

2. Vision

What kind of school do we want our school to be?

3. Values

What do we have to believe in, commit to and act upon to make our school be that kind of school?

4. Goals

What do we do first to get there?
How long will it take?
What are we going to look at along the way as evidence of our success?

Critical Corollary Questions

If we believe all kids can learn...

What is it we expect them to learn?
How will we know when they have learned it?
How will we respond when they don’t learn?


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