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Sponsor: Mrs. Pulliam

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Art Club is a creativity club for interested HCMS students. The Art Club is up and running for the year 2014-15. Students filled out applications in Sept. to join this club. We are 26 members strong consisting of students from 6, 7 and 8th grades. Any student is eligible to be in the Art Club, but must join in the fall of each school year. 

This year the Art Club meets twice a month and students are taught a variety of new skills and new art media to work with. Students take what they learn in the meetings to enhance the works they do in their free time of creativity.

Art Club plans to display their works of art in two exhibits this school year. They will display their works at Harrison Memorial Hospital in the on going student show. As well, students will have a solo Art Club Exhibit later in the school year. Please check my (Mrs. Pulliam) teacher blog for updates in the art club by clicking on the Art Club Page in the blog roll.

Visit Mrs. Pulliamís (art teacher) school Blog for more details and weekly happenings in the Art Club.












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