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The Events  

The members of the speech club take part in a number of speech-related activities and competitions. Is speech something you might be interested in? Well, take a look.

Broadcast Announcing

Purpose is to teach students the skills needed for radio broadcasting.  For each tournament students will prepare a 3 minute script including international, national, state, local news, weather, sports and a commercial.  Students will read the script directly from their paper and are judged ONLY on their voice.  The script may be cut directly from a reputable news source, such as the Associated Press.  Students will also be presented with a commercial prepared by the tournament host to review for 5 minutes and then present (judged on voice only).  They will also receive from the tournament host a prepared news script (similar to the one discussed earlier).  They will have 15 minutes to review and present the script (judged on voice only). 

 Duo Acting

A pair of students selects a 6-10 minute portion of a movie, play, TV show, etc. to perform.  Students memorize and perform the same piece all season.  They do not wear costumes or stage make-up and are only allowed to use 2 chairs and a table as props.  Pieces may be serious or funny, and both are equally successful at tournaments.  Duo acting teams may be boy/girl, girl/girl, or boy/boy. 

Extemporaneous Speaking

In extemp, students will keep organized files of current events.  At tournaments students will randomly draw current events topics (national and occasionally international).  A sample topic would be “Did the Federal government respond appropriately to Hurricane Katrina?”  Students will use their files to prepare a 3 point speech to answer the topic question.  Students will have 30 minutes to prepare their speech and are permitted to use a 3x5 index card while presenting their speech.  There is no minimum speaking time and the maximum allowed speaking time is 5 minutes.  This event is great for students who can think on their feet and enjoy watching the news and keeping up with current events.  This is also one of the smaller events at the middle school level, increasing a student’s chances of success at tournaments.

Improvisational Duo

This is probably the most popular event at the middle school level.  Students perform in pairs and are given a new topic at each tournament for each round.  Topics can be funny (2 friends on a road trip) or serious (a child must confess to their parent that they were caught cheating at school).  Students will have 5 minutes to review their topic and prepare a skit about the topic.  Each student will take on the role of one of the characters and act as that character.  Students are judged on scene development, line delivery, character development, and that their scene has a conflict and resolution.  The minimum speaking time is 3 minutes and the maximum time limit is 6 minutes.  While performing, students will receive hand signals from the judge regarding their time.  This event is great for the “class clown” and students who can think on their feet.  It is also best to select a partner that is a good friend who knows and understand how you think.

Interpretation of Literature

In this event students will select a piece of literature with 2 or more characters.  There may be some narration in the piece, but it should be comprised of mainly dialogue.  One student will portray all of the characters in the piece.  They are not permitted to use any props or excessive movement.  They will distinguish the different characters by their posture, gestures, and voice.  Students will memorize a piece and perform the same piece all year.  The time limits are 6-10 minutes.

Oratorical Declamation

For declamation, students will select a public speech that was written and delivered by another person.  Examples include inauguration speeches, graduation commencement addresses and life time achievement award acceptance speeches.  Students will want to select a speech that has some current significance, while staying away from speeches that are “too famous”, such as Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.  They will memorize this speech and deliver the same speech all year.  Time limit for dec is 6-10 minutes.


Students will select a poem or collection of poems to present.  This speech should be 5-10 minutes long.  Students will keep their poems in a small black binder and will use this binder while they are presenting their pieces at tournaments.  They will present the same selection of poems all year.  Students are not permitted to move below the waist (no bending, walking, etc.) but are expected to use their voice, face and hands to help their audience feel the poetry.


Exactly the same as poetry, but this involves a short story or selection from a longer book.  Students will use the black binder, perform the same piece all year, have limited movements, etc.

Public Speaking

In this event students will research, write, memorize and present their own speech.  The time limit is 5-10 minutes; the speech can be informative or persuasive and can include subtle humor.  Students will present the same speech all year.  We will assist students in all steps of the public speech writing process.  This is a small event, so if a student is dedicated to the work involved, they have a good chance of being successful.

Solo Acting

Very similar to duo acting, but this is an individual event.  Students will select a monologue from a play, movie, or book and memorize and act out this scene.  They will perform the same scene all year.  They are not permitted to wear a costume or stage make-up and may only use a chair and table as props.  The time limit is 4-8 minutes.


In this event students tell a published story for the purpose of entertaining the audience.  The time limit is 5-8 minutes and students memorize and perform the same story all year.  Examples of good stories are children’s stories, folktales, myths, legends, and “Junie B. Jones” type characters.  The story may be written from a character’s perspective or told by a narrator.  Students may move around the entire performance area, use voices and gestures to enhance the story, but may not use costumes, props or stage make-up.




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