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Exploratory Classes


Students will experience music through instrumental works, literature, and audio and visual lessons covering the history and elements of music. 


Mrs. Julie Lucky teaches band.

Mrs. Julie Lucky teaches
Band and
General Music


General Music

Students will experience music through the study of literature, audio, and visual lessons covering the history and element of music.


Physical Education and Health

The 6th, 7th and 8th grade Physical Education classes consist of a 9-week curriculum. The Kentucky Core Content for the Arts and Humanities and Practical Living are both included in these curriculums as well as basic physical education principles.

The 6th grade curriculum for dance within Arts and Humanities guidelines concentrates on the different purposes, cultures, and styles of dance. Locomotor and non-locomotor movements and how they form dances are explored by practicing a variety of both square and folk dances.

Practical Living concepts include locomotor, non-locomotor and transitional skills. The physical benefits of exercise (i.e. coordination, body shape and muscle development) are also taught at this level. Basic principles of Physical Education taught in 6th grade include sportsmanship and cooperation in relation to team sports. Floor hockey, soccer, basketball and volleyball are some of the team sports played.

The 7th grade curriculum for dance includes analyzing, evaluating and interpreting dance. Balance, elevation and isolation of body parts are taught by way of ballet, tap and jazz dance.

Practical Living concepts include: Body changes and the relationship to exercise; self-evaluation techniques and their relationship to performance; offensive and defensive strategies; and strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and body composition and their relationship to performance.

Recreational sports such as badminton, bowling, volleyball and softball are examples of the basic PE curriculum for the 7th grade.

The 8th Grade curriculum for dance include the dance elements of space, time, and force; appropriate dance vocabulary; compositional forms of dance; and contributions of dance to society.

Practical Living concepts for this grade level include motor skill refinement, fitness training principles and the physical, social and mental benefits of leisure, recreational and/or competitive sports. Activities focus on the individual and lifetime sports are stressed as basic PE principles. Aerobics, social dance, golf and tennis are examples of sports taught at the 8th grade level.

Mrs. Candy Bolin, Physical Education Mr. Glen Lonaker,
Health Education


Students will continue to learn the elements and principles of art by working with various media. Students will also evaluate master artists and their works in order to develop an awareness and appreciation for their presence in every day experiences.

Studio lessons and activities give students the opportunity to create works of art and use various media and techniques. Students are introduced to various periods, styles, and cultural groups of artists and their works to help develop a basis of understanding for students to celebrate cultural diversity and various global views of art.

Art criticism is also taught in reference to the student's own work. Criticism of their own work is stressed as they explore, theorize and apply the principles of aesthetics to their work and the work of others.

Mrs. Debbie Pulliam is our Art Teacher.


Computer Applications/ILP/Careers
Ms. Resa Hersel

All students (unless they have band) will have a 9 weeks class called Computer Applications. This class will focus on Digital Citizenship, Research Skills, Email Skills, Internet Safety, Office applications (Word, PowerPoint and Excel), web design, podcasting, some typing to increase accuracy and speed, and general knowledge about computers. It will also include the updating of the ILP (Individual Learning Plan) and some Careers lessons.

Agricultural Science - 7th Grade 18 weeks class  Mrs. Erin Butler  
(Students will take this 1/2 the year and then switch to the Reading class.)                 
The course content focuses on exploring current and future agricultural careers as well as the historical events that molded the industry.  The course provides instruction in the foundations of the various segments of the agricultural industry.  Agricultural career opportunities will be emphasized.  Animal science and plant and land science will be the focus of the curriculum.  The selection and planning of a supervised agricultural experience program and related record keeping will be presented.  The local agricultural industry is emphasized, and the high school program and FFA activities are featured.  Leadership development will be provided through FFA.  Classroom, laboratory and field trip experiences should be provided. Students will receive personal guidance and counseling with preparatory instructional program selection.


Reading - 7th Grade 18 weeks class  Mrs. McKenzie Leathers

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