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Welcome to Southside Elementary


Home of the Southside Mavericks!!

Southside Elementary is one of four elementary schools located in Cynthiana, Kentucky. Southside is a school-wide Title 1 school with an enrollment of 350 students.

Southside Elementary was designated as a “Welcoming School” by the Prichard Committee, we were identified in the first group of schools presented with this award. A welcoming school is defined as “a school committed to involving parents, families, and the community at large in their efforts to meet the needs of the students”. This statement describes our school, a school where academic success is held with high esteem as we take great care to serve the “whole” child.

Our vision is to promote the development of all students as self-motivated learners by providing an enthusiastic, interactive, challenging, and secure environment. Our focus is on student learning. Staff members collaborate with the SBDM council, PTO, Central Office staff and the Family resource Center to work toward achieving our goals.


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