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Hello, and welcome to Southside Elementary's Website. We are happy to have you as our guest. We are proud of our students and the collaborative efforts of our staff and parents. Southside Elementary was designated as a “Welcoming School” by the Prichard Committee, we were identified in the first group of schools presented with this award. A welcoming school is defined as “a school committed to involving parents, families, and the community at large in their efforts to meet the needs of the students”. This statement describes our school, a school where academic success is held with high esteem as we take great care to serve the “whole” child.

We invite you to visit our school. We encourage parents to become a part of our volunteer program and to be a visible part of their child's academic career. We have a committed team of teachers and support staff and they are happy to set up a conference with you to discuss any concerns or questions that you might have.

Again, we welcome you to our website and encourage you to spend some time learning more about our school by reading the information that has been provided. Please access our “School Report Card” through the Kentucky Department of Education to learn more about our academic standing and the programs we offer to our students.



Come see us!
  Steven Fowler




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